Welcome to our website! My name is André, and this is me and my wife, Camila, with our first son and daughter. We are the owners of the kennel. We were first introduced to French Bulldogs after my wife got her first Frenchie in 2016, Sushi (with Camila in the picture). She decided to rescue another Frenchie in 2018, Nira (with me in the picture). We fell in love with them very deeply. We decided to start our kennel program to share the love we have for Frenchies with others because we believe a dog is the best friend that a human can have. Both of them are neutered.

We are passionate about the French Bulldog breed, which impresses with its intelligence, elegance, and is extremely captivating. Our goal is to offer the future owner a quality puppy, whether destined for the company, exhibition, or practice of breed-specific sports. For this reason, we are always looking for improvement and excellence in the breed, according to the official standard established by FCI. We raise quality puppies with responsibility and personalized service. All are registered with the American Kennel Club. We sell only pedigreed French Bulldog puppies, and their parents are carefully selected according to the official standard of the breed. Come and meet us!