Stud Services


How does stud service work?

First of all stud service is the mating process between the stud and a dam. The stud service is an agreement between the owner of the stud and the owner of the dam which both agree to use the semen of the stud to inseminate the dam.

How does the stud service at Scar Frenchie work and how it can help you?

Here at Scar Frenchie, we select the best dogs to offer as studs. We are always looking for a unique characteristic that can be added to our program and be offered to your program as well. Depending on our goals we will recommend which stud will fit best for your female and the desired result from the litter. We have many hours of a stud with color and genetics to understand and plan the best outcome from the litters we stud. We only do Artificial Inseminations, we don't let our boys do natural insemination for safety reasons.